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46 – Alain Chamfort – Ensemble – 2015
45 – Alain Chamfort – Joy – 2015
44 – Alain Chamfort & Inna Modja – Souris Puisque C’Est Grave – 2012
43 – Alain Chamfort – À la Droite de Dior – 2009
41 – Alain Chanfort & Mylène Jampanoï – La Décadense – 2006
40 – Alain Chamfort – Les Beaux Yeux de Laure – 2003
33 – Alain Chamfort – Clara Veut la Lune – 1994
31 – Alain Chamfort – L’Ennemi Dans la Glace [Radio Edit] – 1993
29 – Alain Chamfort – Souris Puisque C’Est Grave – 1990
24 – Alain Chamfort – Traces de Toi – 1986
23 – Alain Chamfort – La Fièvre Dans le Sang – 1986
22 – Alain Chamfort – Rendez-Vous… – 1983
21 – Alain Chamfort – Bons Baisers d’Ici – 1983
20 – Alain Chamfort – Chasseur d’Ivoire – 1982
19 – Alain Chamfort – Rendez-Vous au Paradis – 1981
18 – Alain Chamfort – Bambou – 1981
16 – Alain Chamfort – Géant – 1980
15 – Alain Chamfort – Manureva – 1979
9 – Alain Chamfort – Le Temps Qui Court – 1975


Alain Chamfort | #alainchamfort
(Alain Le Govic)
[1949-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France


Alain Chamfort is a French singer of Breton origin.

He was a promising pianist in his youth, and the piano became his instrument of choice. His first band, “The Dreamers” had minor success as a repertory jazz outfit, and was followed by a typically sixties rock music group “Murator”.

He met famed writer and producer, Jacques Dutronc, who proposed to help Chamfort with future works for television and film, and it is with Dutronc that Chamfort’s career expanded. After being discovered by Dutronc, it was with Claude François and ultimately Serge Gainsbourg that he made a number of albums, including his first album recorded as Alain Chamfort: “Poses”. A single from the album, “Manureva” remains one of the most famous songs to date by Chamfort.

Alain Chamfort composed for the cinema; he worked with Jean-Pierre Mocky and with Arnaud Sélignac. As an actor, he was in front of the camera in “Men/Toys/Girl” in 2001.

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In the course of his 30-year career Alain Chamfort has hidden behind an interesting variety of stage personas.

In the 60’s Chamfort played the role of 60’s hipster, hanging out drinking and womanising with Jacques Dutronc. Then in the 70’s Chamfort went on to adopt tight satin pant suits and blow-dried hair, remodelling himself as the camp-looking sidekick of French disco king Claude François. In the 80’s Chamfort left the world of camp behind, however, to reinvent himself as a rather cold and aloof-looking dandy. And the 90’s?

Well, the 90’s have heralded a new change of direction, a mature and relaxed-looking Chamfort having finally found the courage to experiment with a more authentic approach.

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