ELECTROSEXUAL – LAY MY EYE (Official Video) – YouTube

Track from Electrosexual’s Lay My Eye single.
Debut Album Art Support Machine: http://smarturl.it/ArtSupportMachine.Lp
Buy Vinyl LP: http://smarturl.it/ArtSupportVinyl

Video Directed by Christine Rho in L.A. & NY

The way‭ ‬I lay my eye,‭ ‬The way‭ ‬I lay my eye on you
Away,‭ ‬I‭ reli‬ve,‭ ‬I rely on you

We came across the river,‭ ‬we saw the light.
We passed the bridge with towers,‭ ‬way past Midnight.
We came into the fire,‭ ‬without a fight.
A world‭ ‬entwined with lovers,‭ ‬alone at night.

The way‭ ‬I lay my eye,‭ ‬the way‭ ‬I lay my eye on you
Away,‭ ‬I‭ reli‬ve,‭ ‬I rely on you

We jumped and climbed the ladder,‭ ‬to reach the sky
We looked down at the gutter,‭ ‬to see the stars
We met and lost with other,‭ ‬came out of sight
Our Souls melt one another‭ ‬into the night

The way‭ ‬I lay my eye,‭ ‬the way i lay my eye on you
Away,‭ ‬I‭ reli‬ve,‭ ‬I rely on you

By the time we were on our way
We remembered the light of day
We decided to run away
it was time we went out to play..


Lay My eye, is the new single by Electrosexual to be released on Monday 9 .
It has a synthesized and sensual energy with an ominous feel,‭ ‬foreboding a sense of impending danger.
The cover art work is a screen print by Lukas Julius Keijser and Philip Marshall did the Layout.
Both artist will also take care of the visuals for the debut album «Art Support Machine» available on Rock Machine Records.

The video presents two personalities presumably belonging to the same person. We follow a young woman who,‭ ‬in her‭ “‬control/robotic‭” ‬state,‭ ‬is cold and strong with a machine-like automation. Then there is the‭ “‬human‭” ‬version of her,‭ ‬vulnerable and messy‭; ‬these feelings are translated through the grit and grime of her natural surroundings.
Both characters mirror each other,‭ ‬they are fragmented versions of one,‭ ‬searching for the whole. ‭”‬I wanted to play on the notion that maybe the robot was human all along while the human was the fraud‭” ‬says Christine.

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