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Benjamin Clementine | #BenjaminClementine |
(Benjamin Sainte-Clementine)
[1988.-…], London, Great London, United Kingdom |

Benjamin Sainte-Clementine is an English musician and songwriter.

Benjamin Clementine grew up in North London before moving to France and subsequently performed on the British television programme Later With Jools Holland.

Benjamin Clementine has been particularly praised for his unique piano playing, charisma on stage and his powerful vocals which is mostly compared to that of Nina Simone and Antony Hegarty. He is noticeably seen playing on stage entirely in black or dark grey long trench-like woollen coat with no shirt underneath, in bare feet.

At the last “Victoires de la Musique” ceremony, the award for the best “breakthrough act” was given to a boy playing alone on his piano. With no other artifices than beautifully crafted songs and the kind of voice you can only hear once a decade, Benjamin Clementine haunts the stage like no-one else, and the simplicity of this formula is turning into a magnetic force that has dumbfounded the most jaded listeners. This young 26-year-old, with his angular face and singular figure, was discovered in the Parisian metro after leaving a London life where he had hit a few rough patches, thus giving his songs a moving depth. To describe him, the names of Nina Simone, Brel or Ferré come to mind. Yet another great victory.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

Discovered in the Paris metro, this Ghanaian-born Englishman plays music influenced by soul, blues and folk and conjures up a totally intimate and offbeat universe. He is a moving storyteller, seeking inspiration from classical music, poetry and from his own harrowing past, producing an authentic emotional release with each of his songs. Sincere and intense, this showman owes his vocation to Erik Satie, above all others. With his extraordinary charisma and exceptional stage presence, he takes hearts hostage thanks to the bright, full timbre of his voice and his enchanting melodies. A piano-voice formula that has convinced since the release of Cornerstone, his first EP which rapidly gained him a world-wide reputation, earning him the stage revelation of the years award at the 2015
[Paléo 2015]

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4 – Benjamin Clementine – London – 2015
3 – Benjamin Clementine – Nemesis – 2015
2 – Benjamin Clementine – Condolence – 2014
1 – Benjamin Clementine – Cornerstone – 2013
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