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25 – Foals – Exits – 2019
24 – Foals – Birch Tree – 2015
23 – Foals – Night Swimmers – 2015
22 – Foals – A Knife in the Ocean – 2015
21 – Foals – Give It All – 2015
20 – Foals – London Thunder (CCTV) – 2015
19 – Foals – Mountain at My Gates – 2015
18 – Foals – What Went Down – 2015
17 – Foals – Out Of The Woods – 2013
16 – Foals – Bad Habit – 2013
15 – Foals – Late Night – 2013
14 – Foals – My Number – 2012
13 – Foals – Inhaler – 2012
12 – Foals – Miami – 2010
11 – Foals – This Orient – 2010
9 – Foals – Blue Blood – 2010
7 – Foals – Olympic Airways – 2008
5 – Foals – Cassius – 2008
4 – Foals – Hummer – 2008
2 – Foals – Mathletics – 2007


Foals | #foals
(Yannis Philippakis, Jimmy Smith, Walter Gervers, Jack Bevan, Ed Congreave)
[2005-…], Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


Foals are an English indie rock band from Oxford, England.

In 2006, Foals was perfecting its poppy, jittery, upbeat, math rock/post-punk sound by playing house parties around the area, when they signed with their first label and released the singles « Hummer » and « Mathletics » in 2007. Foals picked up quite a buzz in the U.K., and in June 2007 they went to New York to record their debut album under the guidance of producer and TV on the Radio guitarist Dave Sitek. Foals released then their debut album, Antidotes, in 2008.

Two years later the band returned with their sophomore album, Total Life Forever. After having songs appear on shows like Entourage and Misfits, Foals issued in 2013 their third album, the expansive and more balanced Holy Fire.

In 2015, Foals is back with a new album, What Went Down released in august 2015 !

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Powerful, wild and animalistic. The members of the group Foals have sullied the clean, goody-goody image of the Oxford student. Far too feisty for academic dress, they look more like a group of thoroughbreds galloping across the dunes of the Sahara. Indomitable, instinctive and resolutely rock, they seek their inspiration in pop, electro and blues. With their latest release, What went down, Yannis Philippakis and his musicians have signed an album packed with nervy and tortuous sounds. But behind these first impressions of an uncut diamond, the opus delivers all the virtuosity of these bad boys who look set to perform a hot, intense, chaotic concert, with powerful riffs set against that dangerous beauty.
[Paléo 2017]

When massive rock brings us together.
Created in 2005 behind the gentle singer Yannis Philippakis, Foals is a sensual band. Full stop. In their attitude, the voice and the interlaced guitar riffs, everything evokes a warm and sensual embrace facing the setting sun of early summertimes. Their latest album “What went down”, recorded in the french studio La Fabrique, is a massive work of art on the worldwide rock scene. The perfect soundtrack to your big hugs sessions.
[Eurockéennes 2016]

The consistent and sustained journey of Foals towards the summit of the pyramid of rock certainly hasn’t slowed down in recent years, beautifully going from strength to strength at each studio pit stop. From their terrific start with Antidotes, it was easy to predict a significant trajectory for this Oxford band, from small indie clubs to the heights of the biggest stages. In four albums, gliding smoothly from math-rock towards the exhilarating anthems of What Went Down, Foals have managed to maintain an intensity that is true to its founding principles, whilst ever increasing its circle of converts, in which freshness and spontaneity become tools to reveal the band’s full light on stage.
[Rock en Seine 2016]

Foals is an incandescent indie rock band with an intensity that never fades. They are constantly evolving, changing forms and colors as they make new discoveries and release new albums. The trajectory of these five Oxford perfectionists, whose work has been described as “math rock”, is as rich as it is complex. Since the eloquent Antidotes in 2008, Yannis Philippakis and his mates have never ceased surprising—they seem to have made a career of only taking the road less traveled. They have now been working non-stop for seven years, generating euphoric melodies—hits and experiments—without ever having gotten into a comfort zone. With three albums released and another on the way, Foals serves up their idea- and creativity-packed youth, ready to allow their own music to completely consume them on stage.
[Montreux Jazz 2015]

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