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20 – Pierre Lapointe – Sais-Tu Vraiment Qui Tu Es – 2017
19 – Pierre Lapointe – La Science du Cœur – 2017
18 – Pierre Lapointe – Tous les Visages (Paris Tristesse) – 2015
17 – Pierre Lapointe – Je Déteste Ma Vie (Paris Tristesse) – 2015
16 – Pierre Lapointe – Tel un Seul Homme – 2014
15 – Pierre Lapointe – L’Étrange Route des Amoureux – 2014
13 – Pierre Lapointe – Plus Vite Que Ton Corps – 2013
12 – Pierre Lapointe – Nos Joies Répétitives – 2013
11 – Pierre Lapointe + Random Recipe – La Sexualité – 2013
9 – Pierre Lapointe – Tous les Visages – 2011
8 – Pierre Lapointe – Tel un Seul Homme – 2011
6 – Pierre Lapointe – Je Reviendrai – 2011
3 – Pierre Lapointe – Au Bar des Suicidés – 2009
2 – Pierre Lapointe – Qu’En Est-Il de la Chance ? – 2007
1 – Pierre Lapointe – Deux par Deux Rassemblés – 2006


Pierre Lapointe | #pierrelapointe
[1981-…], Alma, QC, Canada


Pierre Lapointe is a Canadian (Québécois) singer and keyboardist.

With his debut self-titled album Pierre Lapointe and particularly his follow-up and hugely successful album La Forêt des Mal-Aimés, that included his definitive hit single « Deux par Deux Rassemblés », he has gone to win six Félix Awards during 2005-2006 period.

In 2009, he released the album Sentiments Humains followed by Seul au piano, a compilation of his hits in an acoustic solo piano setting.

In June 2013, his studio album Punkt was longlisted for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize.

In November 2014, he released Paris tristesse in France and Belgium. The album, recorded in Paris, consists of reworked songs from Punkt as well as covers of French pop classics. The album was later released in Quebec in February 2015.

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Did Bobby Lapointe secretly father a child in Quebec? Did he want to make sure his musical puns would live on? Not quite. All that Pierre Lapointe has in common with his illustrious “forebear” is the surname and the language they sing in. He is happy to be called a popular singer but has also cultivated the image of a dandy, the member of an elite Montreal artistic clique. As you’ll have understood by now, this artist has a penchant for paradoxes. He sings serious lyrics, which speak of love, death and feelings, whilst cultivating a self-mocking attitude. But on stage, it’s off with the masks and face to face with the artist himself: touching and exultant.
[Paléo 2015]

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