Jean-Louis Murat | Concert Muragostang Tour: Live 2000

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01 – Jean-Louis Murat – Jim [Live] – 2000
02 – Jean-Louis Murat – Washington [Live] – 2000
03 – Jean-Louis Murat – New-Yorker [Live] – 2000
04 – Jean-Louis Murat – Bang Bang [Live] – 2000
05 – Jean-Louis Murat – Au Mont Sans-Souci [Live] – 2000
06 – Jean-Louis Murat – Le Fier Amant de la Terre [Live] – 2000
07 – Jean-Louis Murat – Belgrade [Live] – 2000
08 – Jean-Louis Murat – Nu Dans la Crevasse [Live] – 2000
09 – Jean-Louis Murat – Viva Calexico [Live] – 2000
10 – Jean-Louis Murat – Little Valentine ( [Live] – 2000


Jean-Louis Murat | #jeanlouismurat
(Jean-Louis Bergheaud)
[1954-…], La Bourboule, Auvergne, France


Jean-Louis Murat is the pseudonym of the French singer/songwriter Jean-Louis Bergheaud.

Jean-Louis Murat’s firstsucces is the single “Regrets” (in duet with Mylène Farmer) in 1991 (No. 3 in Top 50 and more than 300,000 copies sold), while he was turning 40. At that same time, his new studio album came out, Le Manteau de Pluie. His titles “Col de la Croix-Morand” and “Sentiment Nouveau” met with a great success; “Sentiment Nouveau” entered the top 50 position in the early 1992’s. Since then, his albums have regularly been into the French Top 20.

Deeply attached to the Auvergne where he lives, countryside and nature give him a very personal poetic inspiration. Very prolific, guitar player and singer with a typical tone, Jean-Louis Murat writes, produces and publishes more than one album a year, and for instance, Mustango in 1999 and Muragostang in 2000.

This concert video was recorded during the 8 March 2000 performance at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium, during the Muragostang Tour.

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