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Baden Baden | #Baden_Baden |
[2008-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France |

Baden Baden, as its name does not suggest, is a French band formed by five Parisians still too little known. The group has already released two EPs since 2008 and an album “Coline” in late 2012.

2014 was a pivotal year for the quintet as their dream folk, such as with “Évidemment” or “J’Ai Plongé Dans le Bruit” for instance, hasn’t left the audience indifferent any longer.
[Pot ‘Ô’ Clips]

This band of sound artisans work with brio to produce an authentic sense of melancholy, pushing forward the frontiers of melody making and arranging. Blessed with a true gift for combining a delicious Anglo-Saxon love of music with some very personal bilingual lyric writing, Baden Baden were revealed to a wider audience by the CQFD competition organised by the Inrocks magazine. Worthy descendants of Grizzly Bear, these thirty year-olds admit that they prefer hard work to enthusiasm, discretion to limelight and application to instinctive inspiration. And so it is with this attention to detail and their natural elegance that these musicians will be performing their songs, which oscillate between atmospheric pop and folk rock harmonies. Absolutely unmissable!
[Paléo 2015]

Good session! Enjoy!

12 – Baden Baden – M.A.C – 2015
11 – Baden Baden – Hivers – 2015
10 – Baden Baden – J’Ai Plongé Dans le Bruit – 2015
7 – Baden Baden – La Descente – 2013
6 – Baden Baden – Good Heart – 2013
4 – Baden Baden – Évidemment – 2012
3 – Baden Baden – The Book – 2010
2 – Baden Baden – Anyone – 2010
1 – Baden Baden – 78 – 2010
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