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10 – Algiers – Walk Like a Panther – 2017
9 – Algiers – Cleveland – 2017
8 – Algiers – Miles & Miles of Rosary Beads – 2017
7 – Algiers – The Underside of Power – 2017
5 – Algiers – Black Eunuch – 2015
4 – Algiers – Irony. Utility. Pretext. – 2015
3 – Algiers – But She Was Not Flying – 2015
2 – Algiers – And When You Fall – 2015
1 – Algiers – Blood – 2012


Algiers | #algiers
(Franklin James Fisher, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Ryan Mahan, Lee Tesche, Matt Tong)
[2007-…], Atlanta, GA, United States


Algiers is an American experimental band from Atlanta, Georgia.

Algiers pulls from a divergent number of musical (and nonmusical) influences; the most notable of which being post-punk, gospel music, Southern Gothic literature and the concept of the Other. Their sound has been described as “dystopian soul” due to its somber mood, afrofolk inspired vocal approach, and heavy emphasis on atonal textures.

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Algiers arrived in 2015 with an earth-moving album rich in political and social commitment. Witnesses to the violence of an ultra-conservative America, they issued a call to action, and recruited both gospel and post-punk as their allies. Giving vent to their feelings in an almost cathartic atmosphere, the trio draw from sublime soul, hip-hop, indus music and cold wave and brilliantly combines these eclectic influences, from « Nina Simone » or « PJ Harvey » to « Nick Cave » and « Public Enemy ». Compositions that are sometimes moving, often madly electric and saturated, always visceral and striking.
[Paléo 2018]

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