Art of Noise | Concert In Visible Silence “We Do What Others Don’t” ’86

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01 – The Art of Noise – Max Headroom Introduction [Live] -1986
02 – The Art of Noise – Close to the Edit [Live] -1986
03 – The Art of Noise – Paranoimia [Live] -1986
04 – The Art of Noise – Legs [Live] -1986
05 – The Art of Noise – Moments in Love [Live] -1986
06 – The Art of Noise – Beat Box [Live] -1986
07 – The Art of Noise – Instruments of Darkness [Live] -1986
08 – The Art of Noise – Back Beat [Live] -1986
09 – The Art of Noise – Opus 4 [Live] -1986
10 – The Art of Noise – Peter Gunn [Live] -1986


The Art of Noise | #artofnoise
(Anne Dudley, Paul Morley, Trevor Horn, Gary Langan, J.J. Jeczalik, Lol Creme)
[1983-…], London, Greater London, United Kingdom


Art of Noise (also The Art of Noise) was an English avant-garde synthpop group formed in early 1983.

The band consisted of engineer/producer Gary Langan and programmer J. J. Jeczalik, along with arranger Anne Dudley, producer Trevor Horn and music journalist Paul Morley. The group is perhaps best known currently for the international Top 20 singles « Kiss » and the instrumental « Peter Gunn », the latter of which won a 1986 Grammy Award.

The group’s mostly instrumental compositions were novel melodic sound collages based on digital sampler technology, which was new at the time. Inspired by turn-of-the-20th-century revolutions in music, the Art of Noise were initially packaged as a faceless anti- or non-group, blurring the distinction between the art and its creators. The band is noted for innovative use of electronics and computers in pop music and particularly for innovative use of sampling. From the earliest releases on ZTT Records, the band referred to itself as both Art of Noise and The Art of Noise. Official and unofficial releases and press material use both versions.

In Visible Silence is the second full-length release by Art of Noise in April 1986, and the first created by members Anne Dudley, J. J. Jeczalik and Gary Langan, without Trevor Horn, and in the wake of their departure from the ZTT Records label which had been the home of the group’s genesis. A live version of the album, In Visible Silence “We Do What Others Don’t”, directed by Mike Mansfield, was recorded in Hammersmith Odeon, in London, on the 15th August 1986 and released in 1987.

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