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Laurent Voulzy | #laurentvoulzy |
(Lucien Voulzy)
[1948-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France |

Laurent Voulzy is a French singer and composer.

Voulzy was born in Paris, France. He originally led the English-pop-influenced Le Temple de Vénus before joining Pascal Danel as guitarist from 1969 to 1974. However, he is best known for his collaborative songwriting efforts with singer/songwriter Souchon and his solo singing career, which spanned several successful albums.

Voulzy had an international hit with the song Rockollection. The French lyrics were interspersed with some lines from classic rock hits after the chorus. His major French hits also include ‘Le Soleil Donne’ – sung in French, English and Spanish – and ‘Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde’ (‘Nights without Kim Wilde‘), inspired by the chart-topping English singer.

In 2005, Voulzy co-produced and co-composed Nolwenn Leroy‘s second album Histoires Naturelles.

Voulzy had a huge hit with his album La Septième Vague which reached number one in 2006. Featured on the album is a cover of the Everly Brothers‘ hit “All I Have to Do Is Dream”, recorded as a duet with Irish singer Andrea Corr. The song was released as a single and was also included on The Corrs‘ greatest hits album Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection.

Voulzy recorded in 2007 a duet with famous French guitarist Jean-Pierre Danel on his hit album Guitar Connection 2. The song hit the French charts at #7 in 2008. For his 2011 album, Lys and Love, Voulzy recorded a duet on the song “Ma Seule Amour” with English singer Roger Daltrey of The Who.

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Laurent Voulzy has a reputation for being one of the slowest songwriters in French music history. In fact, he has recorded just 3 albums in the last 25 years!

But who cares about being a snail-pace songwriter when nearly every single you release turns to gold? And frankly, what’s the hurry when, like Voulzy, you regularly hit the n°1 spot once a year? Or when you also compose several hits for your brother in songs Alain Souchon?

Laurent Voulzy is a renowned perfectionist, capable of locking himself away in the studio for months on end to craft his delicate pop melodies. And it shows – Voulzy’s songs are veritable gems of musical perfection.

Their catchy arrangements and melody lines are guaranteed to stay in the mind for years to come!

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Souchon and Voulzy, Voulzon and Souchy, Soulon and Vouchzy. The names are easily mixed up, given that these two seem to have been made to sing together. Sweet songs, delicate voices, sad sensitivities, like two benevolent dads singing lullabies to calm the spirits of their grumpy children. The list of their successes is almost endless: La Vie Ne Vaut Rien, Foule Sentimentale and Sous les Jupes des Filles for Souchon, Belle Île en Mer, Rock Collection and Le Pouvoir des Fleurs for Voulzy. And many others that they have written and sung together. Chances are the Paléo site will be drenched in the sweetness and love of this age-old friendship.
[Paléo 2016]

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Good session! Enjoy!

50 – Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy – Bad Boys – 2015
49 – Laurent Voulzy & Alain Souchon – Oiseau Malin – 2015
48 – Laurent Voulzy & Alain Souchon – Derrière les Mots – 2014
46 – Laurent Voulzy – C’Était Déjà Toi – 2012
45 – Laurent Voulzy – Jeanne – 2011
41 – Laurent Voulzy & Lenou – Yesterday Once More – 2006
39 – Laurent Voulzy – Derniers Baisers – 2006
35 – Laurent Voulzy – Je Suis Venu Pour Elle – 2002
34 – Laurent Voulzy – Amélie Colbert – 2002
33 – Laurent Voulzy – La Fille d’Avril – 2002
30 – Laurent Voulzy – Le Cantique Mécanique – 1993
29 – Laurent Voulzy – Le Pouvoir des Fleurs – 1993
28 – Laurent Voulzy – Le Rêve du Pêcheur – 1993
27 – Laurent Voulzy – Caché Derrière – 1992
25 – Laurent Voulzy – Paradoxal Système – 1992
24 – Laurent Voulzy – Le Soleil Donne – 1988
22 – Laurent Voulzy & Kim Wilde – Les Nuits Sans Kim Wilde – 1985
21 – Laurent Voulzy – Belle-Île-En-Mer, Marie-Galante [Remix] – 1985
20 – Laurent Voulzy & Véronique Jeannot – Désir, Désir – 1984
10 – Laurent Voulzy – Bubble Star – 1978
9 – Laurent Voulzy – Rockollection – 1977
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