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18 – Camille – Fontaine de Lait – 2017
17 – Camille – Suis-Moi – 2015
15 – Camille – Last Christmas – 2013
13 – Camille – Le Banquet – 2011
12 – Camille – Mars Is No Fun – 2011
11 – Camille – Tout Dit ? – 2011
10 – Camille – Allez, Allez, Allez – 2011
8 – Camille – L’Étourderie – 2011
7 – Camille – La France – 2011
6 – Camille & Jérôme van den Hole – Debout – 2011
5 – Camille – Gospel With No Lord – 2008
4 – Camille – Money Note – 2008
3 – Camille – Ta Douleur – 2006
2 – Camille – Au Port – 2005
1 – Camille – Paris – 2002


Camille | #Camille
(Camille Dalmais)
[1978-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France


Camille Dalmais, better known by her mononym Camille, is a French singer, songwriter and occasional actress.

In early 2002, Camille signed a recording contract with Virgin Records. She released her first studio album Le Sac des Filles. In 2004, she began working with Marc Collin and his band Nouvelle Vague, which incorporates new wave and bossa nova music. She contributed vocals to the songs “Too Drunk to Fuck”, “In a Manner of Speaking”, “The Guns of Brixton”, and “Making Plans for Nigel” on their first album.

In 2005, she released the album Le Fil, which was produced in collaboration with English producer MaJiKer. This album incorporated an avant-garde concept – a string, or thread (“le fil”), which was a drone that persisted throughout the entire course of the album. All of the songs on this album are based on the exploration of the voice, with only a double bass, bass guitar, guitar, trombone, percussion, or keyboard as accompanying instruments. Le Fil quickly became certified gold. The song « Ta Douleur » was voted 26th in Australia’s Triple J Hottest 100, 2006.

Camille’s album Music Hole was released in April 2008, again produced in collaboration with MaJiKer. Music Hole was recorded and mixed by Valgeir Sigurdsson. The first single from the album, « Gospel with No Lord », was released for online download in February 2008, along with another new song from the album entitled “Money Note”.

She contributed to the track “Putain Putain” on Nouvelle Vague’s 2010 album Couleurs sur Paris for whom she had previously done work for on their first album. She later appeared on Jérôme Van Den Hole’s self-titled album on the track, « Debout ».

Camille is featured in the soundtrack with Hans Zimmer and Richard Harvey to the French animated film The Little Prince (2015) with the single « Suis-Moi ».

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Unclassifiable artist, talented and highly lively, Camille is unanimously acclaimed today.

Camille, a sensitive young singer-songwriter renowned for her energetic live performances, is nevertheless impossible to pin down into any existing music category.

The young ‘chanteuse’, who insists she finds “stability in instability”, is currently winning increasing popularity on the mainstream.

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Camille always does things differently. In order to obtain her degree in Political Science, she produced her first album. With her voice, she takes delight in producing all sorts of noises. Her body? A percussion instrument. Some people compare her to Björk, but Camille doesn’t have a role model. This singer-songwriter charts her course through her musical explorations. A sort of musical Georges Perec, she wrote an album whose central theme is the note “B” – Le Fil -, passes from English to French and from romance to comedy. Navigating between chanson, pop and folk, she is powerful, instinctive, at times ferocious, just like her live performances, veritable incantatory ceremonies.
[Paléo 2017]

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