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Fauve ≠ | #Fauve |
[2010-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France |

Fauve ≠ is a French art collective from Paris, operating in several media supports: music, videos, photos, texts, images, web …

Fauve ≠ is as an open collective, hence the name Fauve Corp., and is composed of five permanent members describing their music as spoken word.

Fauve ≠, first of all, is a music style, a flow made of stories, true ones, with the right words.
[Pot ‘Ô’ Clips]

For a number of years now, the antiheros, the ordinary folk, have been back in fashion. To hell with success, we want sincerity, emotions and the things that bring us closer to others and that reassure us. Between soft pop and delicate declamations, the French collective aims for the target and strikes the bull. Fauve ≠ speak to us of emotions, of friendship, family and love with justice pertinence. We are won over. Huge queues form at their concert venues, transformed into highly emotional audiences from the very first lines pronounced by this talented phrasemonger. The hair on the back of our necks stands up, the nights are wild.
[Paléo 2015]

From the start, Fauve never wanted the word “band” to qualify this collective made up of musicians, video directors, and graphic designers: extreme sensibilities brought together under a banner proclaiming “Fauve Corp”. History has proved them right, as they are now spoken of as the Fauve “phenomenon”: the Parisians have upset the codes of what composes a French-sung musical piece. With moving numbers injected by bleak times, between urban folk and twilight songs, Fauve have conquered an entire generation that speaks the same disenchanted, yet unresigned language. Today, an ever-growing audience comes to seek advice from these “older brothers”, to hear them say, rap, sing that everything is going to be okay.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

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13 – Fauve ≠ – Les Hautes Lumières – 2015
12 – Fauve ≠ – Bermudes – 2014
11 – Fauve ≠ – Azulejos – 2014
10 – Fauve ≠ – Infirmière – 2014
9 – Fauve ≠ – Jeunesse Talking Blues – 2014
8 – Fauve ≠ – De Ceux – 2013
7 – Fauve ≠ – Voyou – 2013
6 – Fauve ≠ – Cock Music Smart Music – 2013
5 – Fauve ≠ – Blizzard [Version Longue] – 2013
3 – Fauve ≠ – Nuits Fauves – 2012
2 – Fauve ≠ – Sainte Anne – 2011
1 – Fauve ≠ – Kané – 2011
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