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(Alain Kienast)
[1944-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France |

Alain Souchon is a French singer-songwriter and actor.

Alain Souchon has released 15 albums and has played roles in seven films.

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Souchon is that ten year old boy standing all alone in the corner of the school playground dear to every Frenchman’s heart.

Souchon knows all about life’s knocks and bruises, but in singing about them transforms what could sound plaintive or whining, unbearable even, into something infinitely tender and also funny.

Souchon-Voulzy, Voulzy-Souchon, the two of them combine perfectly to produce simple, tender lyrics and music of great quality. Their alchemy works and the couple (professional) continue to work happily together, dividing their life between Belle-Ile and Lann Bihoué.

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Souchon and Voulzy, Voulzon and Souchy, Soulon and Vouchzy. The names are easily mixed up, given that these two seem to have been made to sing together. Sweet songs, delicate voices, sad sensitivities, like two benevolent dads singing lullabies to calm the spirits of their grumpy children. The list of their successes is almost endless: La Vie Ne Vaut Rien, Foule Sentimentale and Sous les Jupes des Filles for Souchon, Belle Île en Mer, Rock Collection and Le Pouvoir des Fleurs for Voulzy. And many others that they have written and sung together. Chances are the Paléo site will be drenched in the sweetness and love of this age-old friendship.
[Paléo 2016]

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His mop of hair is still in place, his eyes full of mischief, as Alain Souchon carries on making light work of the passing years. “J’Ai 10 Ans” or “Allô Maman Bobo”, are just a couple of the hit songs that perfectly sum up the childish, innocent reverie that still inhabit the sixty year-old singer. Laurent Voulzy’s sidekick has not lost the knack of peppering his sweetly nostalgic poetry with a dash of spicy critique in reaction to the world and its excesses. Who could forget the monumental “Foule Sentimentale”, and its denunciation of the consumer society’s errant aberrations? In a career spanning almost forty years, Alain Souchon’s live performances have been something of a rarity; so don’t deny yourselves the pleasure of catching him this time round!
[Paléo 2010]

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Good session! Enjoy!

56 – Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy – Bad Boys – 2015
55 – Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy – Oiseau Malin – 2015
54 – Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy – Derrière les Mots – 2014
53 – Alain Souchon – Le Jour et la Nuit – 2011
52 – Alain Souchon – Parachute Doré – 2008
50 – Alain Souchon – Sidi Ferouch – 2008
49 – Alain Souchon & Françoise Hardy – Les Saisons [Live] – 2008
47 – Alain Souchon – Putain Ça Penche – 2006
45 – Alain Souchon – La Vie Théodore – 2006
44 – Alain Souchon – Et Si en Plus Y’A Personne – 2005
43 – Alain Souchon – La Vie Ne Vaut Rien – 2002
42 – Alain Souchon – Le Baiser – 1999
39 – Alain Souchon – Rive Gauche – 1999
35 – Alain Souchon – Les Regrets – 1994
34 – Alain Souchon – Sous les Jupes des Filles – 1993
33 – Alain Souchon – L’Amour à la Machine – 1993
32 – Alain Souchon – Foule Sentimentale – 1993
31 – Alain Souchon – C’Est Déjà Çà – 1993
27 – Alain Souchon – Quand J’Serai K.O. – 1988
25 – Alain Souchon – C’Est Comme Vous Voulez – 1985
24 – Alain Souchon – Ballade de Jim – 1985
11 – Alain Souchon – Jamais content – 1977
8 – Alain Souchon – Bidon – 1976
5 – Alain Souchon – J’Ai Dix Ans (T’are Ta Gueule à la Récré) – 1974
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