Seinabo Sey | Zoom 13-15

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Seinabo Sey | #seinabosey |
[1990-…], Halmstad, Hallands län, Sweden |

Sweden no longer contents itself with exporting its artists by plane and wireless connections, it posts them in the shape of stamps. Such is the recognition that was recently received by the young Seinabo Sey, a new Scandinavian figure of an adventurous neo-soul and now the proud image of mail sent from the kingdom. Her face is also that of the hit song Younger, which introduced this daughter of a Gambian musician who doesn’t only share her initials with Selah Sue: her voice, which led her from her native Swedish west coast to the last South By Southwest festival, is one of those media that know no frontiers. Enlivened with electronic perspectives that give FKA twigs its beautiful depth, Seinabo Sey’s soul isn’t done yet with expanding its scope.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

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