Palma Violets | Zoom 12-15

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Palma Violets | #palmaviolets |
[2012-…], London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

Palma Violets are an English band from Lambeth, London.

Palma Violets formed in 2011, based on the musical partnership of frontmen Samuel Fryer and Chilli Jesson.

The band’s musical output is primarily in the indie rock genre, with some Garage rock and psychedelic influences. Palma Violets’ first single, “Best of Friends”, was voted NME’s song of the year for 2012, and their debut album 180 was released in 2013.

Much like The Libertines, the band gained a substantial fan base online before the release of their first single – with multiple live videos of their gigs being uploaded by fans.

[Solidays 2015]

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