Half Moon Run | Zoom 12-16

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Half Moon Run | #halfmoonrun |
(Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, Dylan Phillips, Isaac Symonds)
[2010-…], Montréal, QC, Canada |

Half Moon Run is a Canadian indie rock band based in Montreal, Quebec.

Half Moon Run is known for their heavy use of percussion, and playing multiple instruments during live performances.

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Since their first album Dark Eyes, tinged with folk and poetry, released in 2012, the indie rock quartet has come a long way. After two years of relentless gigging, they got back home only to realize they were exhausted and « oversaturated with each other and the band ». The Canadians decided on a whim to leave their native land and explore the US West Coast. From this journey, will arise their second album Sun Leads Me On. Between light and darkness, this new opus is the witness of an initiatory trip in which beaming soundtracks and darker melodies merge harmoniously. Half Moon Run will open up to the Rock en Seine audience about their adventures on August 26th.
[Rock en Seine 2016]

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