Birdy Nam Nam | Zoom 07-16

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Birdy Nam Nam | #birdynamnam |
(Mickaël Dalmoro [Little Mike], Thomas Parent [DJ Pone], Denis Lebouvier [DJ Need], Nicolas Vadon [Crazy B])
[2002-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France |


Dance Or Die: the tone of their new album is set. After an absence lasting four years, Crazy B, Little Mike and DJ Need are still the masters of turntable-ism. Although turntables were initially conceived for playing vinyl records, in the hands of Birdy Nam Nam they have been transformed into instruments of musical creation, revealing in explosive style an abstract hip-hop energised by powerful electronic sounds. Rewarded with a gold medal at the DMC, the world DJ championships, these kings of scratch create their sounds by appropriating short musical excerpts, using records as an inexhaustible data bank and mixing vinyl sounds from here to infinity and beyond. Welcome to the party!
[Paléo 2016]

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Few groups have blazed the way quite so much as Birdy Nam Nam, a DJ collective which definitively introduced the term ‘turntablism’ to the everyday language of music lovers of all shapes and sizes. Crowned with prestigious awards in what was previously a little-known discipline, these four turntable heroes made a sensation in France in the 2000s by turning DJing codes upside down and uniting hip-hop and electro fans at colossal concerts. Not content with offering up staggering sleight of hand, Birdy Nam Nam can ignite a dancefloor like no-one else in today’s clubbing world, competing for the illustrious accolade of Kraftwerk 2.0.
[Rock en Seine 2016]

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