Bénabar | Zoom 02-15

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Bénabar | #Benabar_ |
(Bruno Nicolini)
[1969-…], Thiais, Île-de-France, France |


Bénabar first developed his acute interest for people through the viewfinder of a film camera. Later, it was through French “chanson réaliste” that he found a way to express everyday life.

This self taught musician was influenced by Brel, Brassens, Renaud, Higelin, and, with a sense of humour and a touch of tenderness, he continues this French tradition for songs which are snapshot-of-life descriptions.

Bénabar is incredibly gifted at unravelling the nature of feelings. His style dissects the secrets of sentimental life in a similar way to Thomas Fersen or Sanseverino.

When it comes to writing the short stories of our lives, Bénabar tops the list.

Bénabar knows well what being in the spotlight means. After making his debut in movies and cinema, the charismatic and humble Bruno Nicolini turned towards music. And he was right! He is now one of the most prominent figures in the French music. His texts portray everyday life, from joys to miseries, with poetry and humour. The French singer has evolved since his beginning in the 2000’s. His last album “Inspiré De Faits Réels“ is instrumentally diversified. From a piano ballad background to swinging airs that make you stamp your feet, Bénabar will delight fans of text songs.
[Festi’Neuch 2015]

Humour, tenderness, and snapshot-of-life descriptions.
[Pot ‘Ô’ Clips]

Good session! Enjoy!

19 – Bénabar – La Forêt – 2015
16 – Bénabar – Les râteaux – 2012
15 – Bénabar – Politiquement correct – 2011
12 – Bénabar – À la campagne – 2008
11 – Bénabar – L’effet papillon – 2008
8 – Bénabar – Le dîner – 2005
7 – Bénabar – Je Suis De Celles – 2003
5 – Bénabar – Dis-lui oui – 2003
3 – Bénabar – Y’a une fille qu’habite chez moi – 2002
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