The Raven Age | Zoom 14-16

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The Raven Age | #theravenage |
(Michael Burrough, Matt Cox, Dan Wright, George Harris, Jai Patel)
[2009-…], Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom |

They have been dreaming for a long time of an age where black crows and ravens take control of the earth. The Londoners’ melodic, intense sound is an invitation to rebel. The Raven Age have created a fusion of heavy metal and powerful melodic vocals – just what it takes to give the crows sufficient self-confidence to overthrow the rule of humankind. Listening to their music, inspired by British landscapes, you can see immense stretches of foggy moors where the crows, draped in human skins, march solemnly towards their tragic destiny. A veritable epic orchestrated amongst others by George Harris, who is none other than the son of Steve Harris… of Iron Maiden.
[Paléo 2016]

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