Eluveitie | Zoom 03-14

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Eluveitie | #eluveitie |
(Christian Glanzmann, Sevan Kirder, Beni Häfeli, Meri Tadic, Rafi Kirder, Ivo Henzi, Merlin Sutter, Siméon Koch, Anna Murphy, Kay Brem, Patrick “Päde” Kistler, Rafael Salzmann, Nicole Ansperger, Matteo Sisti, …)
[2002-…], Bern, Bern, Switzerland |

Have you ever dreamed of crossing the Shire with Frodo Baggins and swinging your axe with Gimli or any of the other characters from The Lord of the Rings? If you think this is an impossible dream, then it’s time you went in search of Eluveitie. The group from Winterthur combine metal, lyrics sung in Welsh and Celtic instruments such as flutes and Irish fiddles, bagpipes, mandore and hurdy-gurdy. They alternate between soft mystic melodies that seem to be directly inspired by a powerful mythical universe and heavier passages, more reminiscent of a battle between Orks and Elves. Before you let yourself be overwhelmed by their power, a word of advice: stay clear of the ring!
[Paléo 2016]

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