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Jake Bugg | #JakeBugg |
(Jake E. Kennedy) [1994-…], Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom |


Jake Bugg is an English musician, singer, and songwriter.

His self-titled debut album, largely co-written with songwriter Iain Archer, was released in October 2012 and reached number one on the UK Albums Chart. His second album, Shangri La, was released in November 2013.

So who said folk music only appeals to hoary, white-headed fuddy-duddies? When he was still barely out of his teens, Jake Bugg had already conquered half the planet thanks to his music, inspired by a bygone but timeless age. His audacious reinvention of the folk music of the sixties, with its hints of country and blues, is situated somewhere between Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash.

Although this young Englishman only got into music at the age of twelve, thanks to his discovery of Don McLean’s hit single, “Vincent”, during an episode of the Simpsons, everything subsequently fell into place very rapidly. At barely twenty years of age and two studio albums under his belt, the least we can say is that a brilliant future seems to be beckoning. [Paleo 2014]

Good session! Enjoy!


12 – Jake Bugg – There’s a Beast and We All Feed It – 2014
11 – Jake Bugg – Messed Up Kids – 2014
9 – Jake Bugg – What Doesn’t Kill You – 2013
3 – Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt – 2012
2 – Jake Bugg – Country Song – 2012
1 – Jake Bugg – Trouble Town – 2012

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