Ghinzu | Zoom 00-10

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Ghinzu | #ghinzu |
(John Stargasm, Mika Nagazaki, Greg Remy, Fabrice George, Sanderson Poe, Kris Dane, Antoine Michel, Jean Waterlot)
[1999-…], Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium |

The flagship of Belgian rock’s appearance in Paris is well overdue, to such an extent that their reunion with the Parisian public is momentous to say the least. The band from Brussels are about to finish their fourth addition to their discography, staying true to their elegant homeland routes: Ghinzu are one of the benchmarks of this now legendary Belgian rock scene, that seems a little less crazy without its heralds. With their first appearance at Rock en Seine, the five-piece led by John Stargasm is marking its return to the scene with style; a tour that has already embraced Le Trianon and their hometown of Brussels, and one that is based on performances on a scale that suits them the most: gigantic.
[Rock en Seine 2016]

Good session! Enjoy!

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