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Die Antwoord | #DieAntwoord |
[2009-…], Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa |


Die Antwoord are a South African rap-rave group formed in Cape Town in 2008. Fronted by rappers Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er and backed by DJ Hi Tek, their image involves a counterculture movement called zef and the influence of photographer Roger Ballen.

Die Antwoord released their debut studio album, $O$ (2009), online for free, and attracted international attention for their music video for “Enter the Ninja”. After briefly signing with Interscope Records, they founded their own label in 2011, Zef Recordz, through which they released their second and third studio albums, Ten$Ion (2012) and Donker Mag (2014), respectively.

Still so inspired, awful, and awesome since their debut album.

Die Antwoord is a veritable storm of South African counter-culture. Intrinsically provocative and enormously musically—and visually—creative, the three members of this group whose name means “The Answer” in Afrikaans consider themselves part of the zef movement, rooted in South Africa’s working class of the 1960s. A parody of what it means to be an Afrikaner, and a cathartic tool for post-Apartheid white shame. Ninja, Yo-Landi, and DJ Hi-Tek set concert halls on fire, blowing the roof off with a powerful mix of satyric rave rap that smashes aside all boundaries. Die Antwoord plays with codes of high society the better to distill their white trash style from below. The title of their next album, about to drop, is Rats Rule, confirming the direction taken by this ultra-independent pirate ship, which has become the standard-bearer for all the down-and-outs around the world. All that with a wicked sense of humor, massive sound, and at least one track featuring DJ Muggs from Cypress Hill.
[Montreux Jazz 2015]

[Solidays 2015]

[Eurockéennes 2015]

Good session! Enjoy!


10 – Die Antwoord – Ugly Boy – 2014
9 – Die Antwoord – Pitbull Terrier – 2014
6 – Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky – 2012
4 – Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire – 2012
3 – Die Antwoord – Rich Bitch – 2011
1 – Die Antwoord – Evil Boy – 2010

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