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14 – Louise Attaque – Avec le Temps – 2016
13 – Louise Attaque – Du Grand Banditisme – 2015
12 – Louise Attaque – Anomalie – 2015
11 – Louise Attaque – Du Monde Tout Autour – 2011
10 – Louise Attaque – Si L’On Marchait Jusqu’à Demain – 2006
9 – Louise Attaque – Depuis Toujours – 2006
8 – Louise Attaque – Si C’Était Hier – 2005
7 – Louise Attaque – Du Nord au Sud – 2001
6 – Louise Attaque – L’Intranquillité – 2000
5 – Louise Attaque – Pour un Oui, Pour un Non – 2000
3 – Louise Attaque – La Plume – 2000
2 – Louise Attaque – Ton Invitation – 1998
1 – Louise Attaque – J’ T’Emmène au Vent – 1997


Louise Attaque | #louiseattaque
(Gaëtan Roussel, Robin Feix, Alexandre Margraff, Arnaud Samuel)
[1997-…], Montargis, Centre, France


Louise Attaque is a French chanson/folk rock group founded in 1994.

The first album of Louise Attaque was released in 1997 and has sold nearly 3 million copies.

Several of the group’s albums were produced by Gordon Gano, lead singer of Violent Femmes, a band whom Louise Attaque often cites as an influence and for whom their own band is named.

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When Louise Attaque first emerged on the French music scene the media and the general public were absolutely intrigued, wondering what exactly lay behind this bizarre name. They didn’t have to wonder for long however! Louise Attaque rapidly proved themselves to be one of the most exciting new bands on the French music scene – and, what’s more, the talented newcomers managed to pull this off by word-of-mouth rather than a huge promotional campaign!

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Gaëtan Roussel and his bunch get the ball rolling again.
Louise Attaque is coming back as a trio. Gaëtan Roussel, Robin Feix and Arnaud Samuel have holed themselves up in a studio and are returning to the stage after a long break and various solo projects. With the distinctive sound of violins and tunes that you can’t get out of your head, the band has given birth to a fourth record, more pop-oriented but still unifying. One thing is certain, magic will be in operation on-stage but the wait might be a bit too long…
[Eurockéennes 2016]

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Oh yes… they are back! Just like an old friend who moved abroad some years ago, we didn’t expect to hear from them again until the day when, overcome by nostalgia, we decided to listen to their first three excellent albums. We kept a special place in our playlists for their hit J’T’Emmène au Vent, untainted by the passing years. Even some of our bitterest moments were reflected in the song Ton Invitation and remain forever connected. But now we’ll be able to listen to the fourth album – Anomalie – fresh off the press in 2016. So ruffle up your hair and get ready for this sublime reunion, almost twenty years after their first visit to Paléo.
[Paléo 2016]

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