Wolf Alice | Zoom 13-15

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Wolf Alice | #wolfalice |
[2010-…], London, Greater London, United Kingdom |

The BBC, the NME, and, maybe, the FBI and the KGB: everyone who has their eye on the UK, acronyms and anonymous observers alike, noticed the 2013 apparition of Wolf Alice. The release, from Northern England, of the single “Fluffy”, soon to be followed by EPs Blush and Creature Songs, set in motion the country’s numerous alarm systems. A boastful rock and roll with sublime female vocals capable of gravitating towards The Horrors, a cross between folk and grunge: Wolf Alice’s wonders are one of the 15 names representing the “Sound of 2015” according to the BBC. The Londoners are thus about to live one of the most crucial years of their existence. You can contribute to making the month of August its highlight.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

[Les inRocKs 2015]

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