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Balthazar | #balthazar |
[2004-…], Kortrijk, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium |


Balthazar is a Belgian alternative rock band, from the Kortrijk region.

Balthazar mixes eclectic sound influences, from pop to rock.
[Pot ‘Ô’ Clips]

Balthazar is the true king of Belgium. The Lowland of rock is even worthier of this nickname since the appearance of this five-piece Courtrai-born band on its fertile scene, just five years ago, with an album which title predicted the phenomenal reception of their future appearances. In 2012, Rats followed their inaugural Applause and set Balthazar on the throne, thanks to their twilight-tinged pop akin to a stripped-down version of Arcade Fire. A gigantic tour sealed the fate of these fearless five, now tour bus roomies throughout the year. Thin Walls, their recent third album, tells of these exceptional bonds and has established Balthazar as the most exciting band of the old continent for many months to come, as their road will, by chance, lead to the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

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14 – Balthazar – Nightclub – 2015
13 – Balthazar – Bunker – 2015
12 – Balthazar – Then What – 2015
11 – Balthazar – Leipzig – 2014
10 – Balthazar – Sinking Ship – 2013
9 – Balthazar – Do Not Claim Them Anymore – 2013
7 – Balthazar – The Oldest of Sisters – 2012
4 – Balthazar – I’ll Stay Here – 2010
3 – Balthazar – Hunger at the Door – 2010

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