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9 – Last Train – Weathering – 2018
8 – Last Train – Golden Songs – 2017
7 – Last Train – Between Wounds – 2017
6 – Last Train – Fragile – 2016
5 – Last Train – Way Out – 2016
4 – Last Train – The Holy Family – 2016
3 – Last Train – Leaving You Now – 2015
2 – Last Train – Fire – 2014
1 – Last Train – Cold Fever – 2014


Last Train | #lasttrain
(Antoine Baschung, Tim Gerard, Julien Peultier, Jean-Noël Scherrer)
[2005-…], Mulhouse, Alsace, France


Led by a singer whose voice is as torn as his jacket, with jeans as tight as their guitar riffs, and boots as sharp as their talent, Last Train have sent a fresh wind blowing over the French rock scene. Their rock oscillates between desert-scented blues, flowery rock with an odour of beer and garage with a delicious whiff of ether. Thanks to some pretty heavy influences –Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Led Zeppelin– they have become past masters of beautifully ripped rock’n’roll. The group’s electric soul is to be discovered with delectation in their first album. And when they perform at Paléo, you can be sure that the last train home will blow its whistle at least three times.
[Paléo 2016]

Usually, the last train is not to be missed. Last Train’s gang should be prepared to read numerous puns on trains zooming at full speed on the tracks of rock and roll. Truth be told, they asked for it, by offering in their early twenties an authentic take on the vibrant energies of the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. These boys hailing from Mulhouse were one of the mains newcomers at the last Printemps de Bourges festival and, upon hearing the two songs available online, it’s difficult to imagine they were ever considered as “newcomers”: with their riffs, vocals and songwriting, Last Train show their kind of music is… back on track.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

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