Rodrigo y Gabriela | Zoom 02-14

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Rodrigo y Gabriela | #rodrigoygabriela |
[2000-…], Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico |

Initially bent on the twelve strings of their two guitars, Rodrigo y Gabriela’s small world has rapidly spread to the whole world thanks to the green pastures of the Irish isle. Indeed, Dublin saw the two Mexicans merge their classical Latino and flamenco training with their love of a rather northern and heavy rock’n’roll. A Mexican duo treating the Irish to hard rock played on acoustic guitars: now, there’s a story that couldn’t stay confidential! After conquering the rest of the British islands, “Rod y Gab” played their hefty serenade to the rest of the world, treading bigger and bigger stages and proving that, if you have enough technique, you no longer need electricity.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

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