We Are Match | Zoom 13-16

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We Are Match | #wearematch |
(Simon, Aurélien, Jim, Gwen, François)
[2013-…], Alençon, Normandie, France |

For some time now, in both pop and rock music, the tendency hasn’t been to make heavy, violent music. The atmosphere is more inspired by tenderness, sweetness and light, love and the fireside. And it’s exactly in this spirit that the French group We Are Match were born, determined to give pride of place to harmony and melody by ripping up the rulebook of classical pop and the role of instruments. There’s a little bit of ∆ (Alt-J) in the soft melancholy of their songs, in the polyphonic vocals, but also in the distinctive high voice of their singer. One of the latest pop revelations, without a doubt.
[Paléo 2016]

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One enters We Are Match’s pop like a prism, dazed by the multiple facets developed by these five childhood friends. Just like in a prism, the music made by this Alençon-based band enables many points of view, according to the entrance you choose: the vertical angle of smart constructions with sharp edges and rainbow-coloured sonorities are reminiscent of ∆ (Alt-J), up to those typical head vocals. The horizontal angle of the dance floor, which enables generous melodies to stretch out, calls for a daydream oblivion with addictive bass riffs. We Are Match’s latest offer, the song “Speaking Machines”, will make you, according to your preference, dizzy or enraptured.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

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