Triggerfinger | Zoom 06-15

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Triggerfinger | #triggerfinger |
(Ruben Block, Mario Goossens, Paul Van Bruystegem)
[1998-…], Antwerpen, Antwerpen, Belgium |


A real concentrate of power, the music of this trio from Antwerp combines rock, pop and blues with subtlety. As regulars of the festival circuit, these elegant gents have established a solid and impressive reputation as live performers, and boy, do they play heavy. Often compared to Queens of the Stone Age, their rock is both brutal and sexy and they really thrash it out. The group, capable of marrying sumptuous melodies and moments of deep introspection, evolved the hard way. For years they did the rounds of the pubs and clubs, developing a ferocious, uncompromising sound. Grandiose.
[Paléo 2015]

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