Marina and the Diamonds | Zoom 09-15

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Marina & the Diamonds | #marinasdiamonds |
[1985-…], Abergavenny, Gwent, United Kingdom |

Nowadays, divas are often accompanied: Florence with her machine, Christine with her queens, and, the peak of chic, Marina with her diamonds. Marina Diamondis doesn’t wear her stones like any ordinary jewels, she wears them on her birth certificate. An identity that the English lady disguised, until not so long ago, behind the excesses of an Electra Heart, a theatrical character serving an electronic pop with a rhythm as bright as the colours conveyed. Marina gave up this unnecessary alias, but still practices a delightful balancing act between Britney and Patti Smith, Florence & The Machine and the brat Lily Allen, and her new album Froot, as sweet as it is, holds a striking diversity of emotions.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

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