The Maccabees | Zoom 08-15

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The Maccabees | #themaccabees |
[2003-…], Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom |

One of the crown’s jewels was formed in 2003, in Southern London: Orlando Weeks and Robert Thomas, far from being royal jewellers, are, respectively, the singer and drummer of one (yet another!) of the British bands France can be jealous of. After three albums of an impulsive, industrious rock and roll, the Maccabees’s false prefix “Macca” actually means something: their nonchalant, stylish way is reminiscent of The Beatles’, and the glimpses of their fourth album already tend to prove that this band has been greatly underestimated. It’s never too late to make up for it: The Maccabees will play Rock en Seine for the first time.
[Rock en Seine 2015]

Good session! Enjoy!

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