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Ajoutée le 4 juin 2014 sur You Tube

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It’s been a while since the last Celtic song. Indeed, that’s not 100% celtic, there’s a lot of adventure elements, I kinda wanted to make a song similar to ‘Medieval Anthem’ that a lot of people loved 🙂

Song composed by Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream
All rights reserved – 2014 –

AMAZING artwork by Sandara :

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Libraries used in this song :

– EWQL Hollywood Strings
– EWQL Hollywood Brass
– EWQL SO Gold
– EDURADO TARILONTE Era – Medieval Legends
– SOUNDIRON Requiem Light
– SOURIRON Mars Men’s Choirs
– 8DIO Steel Strings
– 8DIO Epic Dhol Ensemble
– STEINBERG Halion Sonic SE

Tags : Celtic, Medieval, Epic, Adventure, Fantasy, Heroic, Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream, Epic Music, Celtic Music, Symphonic, Dark, Metal, Adventure Music, Two steps From Hell, Thomas Bergersen, Hans Zimmer, Luca Turilli

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