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25 – La Femme – Always the Sun – 2018
24 – La Femme – Exorciseur – 2017
23 – La Femme – Orgie de Gobelins Sous Champignons Hallucinogènes – 2017
22 – La Femme – S.S.D. – 2017
21 – La Femme – Tatiana – 2017
20 – La Femme – Mycose – 2016
19 – La Femme – Septembre – 2016
18 – La Femme – Où Va le Monde – 2016
17 – La Femme – Sphynx – 2016
16 – La Femme – Welcome America – 2014
15 – La Femme – Amour Dans le Motu – 2014
14 – La Femme – Si un Jour – 2014
13 – La Femme – Packshot – 2013
12 – La Femme – Nous Étions Deux – 2013
11 – La Femme – La Femme – 2013
10 – La Femme – It’s Time To Wake Up (2023) – 2013
9 – La Femme – Hypsoline – 2013
8 – La Femme – Sur la Planche 2013 – 2013
3 – La Femme – La Femme Ressort – 2010


La Femme | #lafemme
(Clémence Quelennec, Sasha Got, Marlon Magnée, Sam Lefèvre, Noé Delmas, Clara Luciani)
[2010-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France


La Femme is a French krautrock and psych-punk rock band.

The band’s music is described as synthetic and hypnotic influenced by Velvet Underground, Kraftwerk and mix of coldwave, punk and yéyé.

La Femme released their first EP in 2010 followed by their EP Le Podium #1 in 2011 produced during festival des Inrocks. A third EP La Femme was released in February 2013. The debut album Psycho Tropical Berlin was released on 8 April 2013.

La Femme earned the French award Victoires de la Musique in the category “Album Révélation” in February 2014.

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In 2012, the Festival program for the free venue of the Café included six wicked French artists who were still relatively unknown. Since then La Femme, presented as “the future of rock” by Les Inrocks, has developed into one of the most exciting bands in France. After the success of Psycho Tropical Berlin – the revelation of Victoires de la Musique 2014 – the group made its triumphant return in 2016: an international tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the release of their second album, Mystère. In a studio improvised in a manor, the sextet concocted a soundtrack that reflects their personality: fanciful, exuberant, and sensual. Navigating between fizzy surf rock and cold wave that is less naive than it appears, La Femme sings of the end of summer (« Septembre »), disillusioned love (“Tueur de Fleur”), and hypochondriac interstellar dreams (« Mycose »).
[Montreux 2017]

La Femme are one of the French groups creating a buzz at the moment, with their much-awaited first album “Psycho Tropical Berlin”! This inspired and rebellious quintet have been releasing a series of synth-pop mini-bombs since 2010, including “Paris 2012” and “Sur La Planche”. All slightly retro, a bit lo-fi and above all very synthetic. They’ve set their sights on the cold wave, Marie et les Garçons and Jacno, surf music, the yéyé spirit, punk, vintage keyboards claviers and fully reverberating guitars. Just as amazing on stage with synths, tight tempos, binary grooves, sequins and melancholic moods, La Femme have an incredible look… and cause quite a sensation!
[Paléo 2013]

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