Sim’s | Zoom 06-13

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Sim’s | #sim_s |
(Simon Seiler)
[….-…], Porrentruy, Jura, Switzerland |

It’s difficult to put Sim’s music into a category. So why even bother? The artist from the canton of Jura, creator of some original rap that’s close to slam, declaims his intelligent texts to musical backing that is a gymnastic combination of soul, funk, reggae and rock. The music is provided by his loyal group, the Repentis, a band of unparalleled musicians who play a crucial role in guaranteeing the harmony of the project, both in terms of the composition and when performing live on stage. During a career punctuated by four albums, he has established himself as a major player on the French-speaking Swiss music scene. A hard-hitting flow, thoughtful texts, unlimited energy and the communicative complicity of his musicians make Sim’s the perfect live band.
[Paléo 2015]

Good session! Enjoy!

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