Kev Adams | 11-15

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Kev Adams | #kevadams |
(Kevin Smadja)
[1991-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France |

If the generation of 2000 hadn’t already uncovered the comic that could claim to be their spokesperson, they have now, in the person of Kev Adams. This young Parisian started writing his own sketches at the age of 16 because he was kicked out of all the auditions he attended. He was quickly spotted by Anne Roumanoff, Gad Elmaleh and Laurent Ruquier, and the latter invited him to appear on his programme “On n’demande qu’à en rire”. Today he also does some acting, but this young buck, fascinated by the United States, spends much of his time joking about the things that interest teenagers most: girls, teachers, school and food. Thanks to Kev Adams, adults can at last laugh at their teenage kids, who in turn can learn to laugh at themselves.
[Paléo 2015]

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