Salomé Leclerc | 11-15

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Salomé Leclerc | #salomeleclerc |
(Salomé Roux-Leclerc)
[1986-…], Sainte-Françoise, Centre-du-Québec, Canada |

A figure of the new musical generation in Quebec and overall winner of the Espoir Festival d’Eté awards in Québec in 2014, Salomé Leclerc will be the ambassadress of the event as part of an exchange with Paléo. Gifted with a rare musical sense, she stands out by the singularity of her raw, gritty voice, her piercing electric guitar lines and her sumptuous instrumental passages. She started off in pure folk style, but has oriented her new album 27 fois l’aurore towards rock and electro with the introduction of keyboards. Live on stage, this worthy descendant of Cat Power and Feist will be allowing us a glimpse of her pulsating yet ethereal musical universe.
[Paléo 2015]

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