Mina Tindle | 11-14

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Mina Tindle | #minatindle |
(Pauline de Lassus)
[1983-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France |

This brilliantly refreshing French singer-songwriter-composer plays music that is strongly influenced by that of Cat Power. With her very Anglo-Saxon musical culture, she mostly writes and sings her dazzling lyrics in English but also uses French in a few of her compositions. It was during an internship at the Eurockéennes Festival in Belfort that the organisers encouraged her to play support to Daniel Darc, thus decisively kick starting her musical career. In her two remarkable albums, in which emotions and sentiments are the key words, this amazing and sensitive artist places sincerity at the heart of her songs. As moving as she is endearing, it would be hard to resist the charm of her flexible, spellbinding voice.
[Paléo 2015]

[Eurockéennes 2015]

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