Fakear | Zoom 14-16

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Fakear | #fakear |
(Théo Le Vigoureux)
[1993-…], Caen, Normandie, France |

“Every time I do a new song, my lawyer is worried there’s going to be another lawsuit”. Yes, rather like a sculptor who created a palace out of a mountain of tiny stones, the Frenchman scours the infinite resource that is the Internet looking for astonishing sounds that he then mixes with notes created on his own instruments. The results are disconcerting: an alloy of soft electro, chill wave and melodies, voices from all over the world subtly mixed by the musician’s agile fingers. Fakear handles his machines with the deftness of a grandmother manipulating her knitting needles. As is often the case, originality and freshness are born from the mixing of genres.
[Paléo 2016]

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