Soviet Suprem | Zoom 12-14

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Soviet Suprem | #sovietsuprem |
[2013-…], Paris, Île-de-France, France |

Are you ready to jump upside down to the lively rhythms linking electronic, hip-hop and Balkan music? Then Soviet Suprem is what you need! Toma from Le Caravane Passe and R.wan from Java renamed themselves as John Lenine and Sylvester Staline, as DJ Croute Chef joined them to give birth to this all brand new and crazy band in 2014. Their aim? To live the Balkanican Dream! And we want to live it with them! Their texts cleverly play on words and their passion on stage guarantees a true moment of celebration.
[Festi’Neuch 2015]

[Solidays 2015]

In the Soviet Socialist Republic of Parisgrad, there are two leaders: John Lénine and Sylvester Staline. Between them, they form the Soviet Supreme, the Republic’s legislative body. To tell the truth, they are really just here to party, blast out rapid electro-Balkan beats and rap a few zany texts. Rather than pass laws, that is, which is just as well. When you listen to these two sassy dudes, you really do feel like partying: legs start to move and bums begin to wiggle, especially if you get the urge to drink like a Russian. And the very best of luck to you.
[Paléo 2015]

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