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Patti Smith | #pattismith |
(Patricia Lee Smith)
[1946-…], Chicago, IL, United States |

There’s no shortage of epithets when it comes to qualifying Patti Smith: Rock legend, godmother of punk, multi-talented artist, writer, painter and photographer. After a career marked by success, misery, love and deaths, she has decided to return to the period of her first triumph: the album Horses. Recorded 40 years ago by John Cale, illustrious member of the Velvet Underground, the album catapulted the American artist to fame and marked the beginning of a revolutionary period in music. The album was released a few months before the birth of Paléo. The two offspring will be meeting this year, like two children separated at birth and reunited again as though they had never been apart.
[Paléo 2015]

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