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Arno | #arno |
(Arnold Charles Ernest Hintjens)
[1949-…], Oostende, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium |

The one who sings “Let’s get stoned/Music is the dope” and who has been compared to the musical/alcoholic upper crust like Gainsbourg and Tom Waits is, before anything else, one of the most moving performers of the European musical scene. His voice, his humour, his rock ‘n’ roll attitude make him an unparalleled artist. And in the era of icy-techno remixes, his covers of Brel and Adamo remain musical gems.

When you think of Arno, you can’t deny that men of his ilk are very hard to come by today, and are probably completely out of stock. This rough and ready and yet endearing character is an unclassifiable phenomenon. His discography spans thirty-five years, and includes an incalculable number of solo albums, collaborations and group recordings. The man they call the Flemish Tom Waits – because of the chain-smoker’s timbre of his voice and his uncompromising attitude to society – is unwavering, inexhaustible and indestructible. His rock music is tempestuous, raw and yet so lucid. A truly great guy.
[Paléo 2015]

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