Kid Wise | Zoom 12-15

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Kid Wise | #kidwise |
[2012-…], Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France |

Originally from Toulouse, the six boys of Kid Wise continue to unveil their dreamlike, unabashed and visionary pop from single to single.

Kid Wise’s culture embraces Maurice Ravel as much as Bon Iver, Archive or John Adams, Sigur Rós and Phoenix, without ever neglecting the subtlest heart flutter and with a constant panoramic view of the sweeping emotions that burden the soul.

Kid Wise’s debut album Innocence (2015) is a sign of ambition for a band whose average age does not exceed the twenties.
[Le Printemps de Bourges 2015]

Gute Session ! Hab Spass !

4 – Kid Wise – Ocean – 2015
3 – Kid Wise – Forest – 2014
2 – Kid Wise – Hope – 2013
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