1st Social Musical Jukebox


Potoclips.com is a free website that requires registration to use.

Potoclips.com is a social musical jukebox allowing users and Potoclips.com curators to add, like, share and enjoy musical contents, such as videos, playlists or images.

Musical contents are available on line and sorted by Artist, Group, Theme or any other topics proposed by users.

Users can upload, save, sort, and manage playlists —known as pins— and any other musical content (e.g., videos or audio files) through collections —known as boards—.


A Potocliper is a registered user of Potoclips.com.

Registration on Potoclips.com is 100% free of charge.

Similar to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Potoclips.com contains verified registered Potoclipers.


A Pin is a musical content that has been linked from a website or uploaded from a device.

Once created, pins are saved on a board. Pins saved onto one Potocliper’s board can be saved to someone else’s board.


Boards are collections of pins dedicated to a theme such as artists, genres, countries, years, etc..


Potoclips.com uses a feature called “Jukebox Search”, which lists, when entering a search term, and ranks search results by categories or keywords (tags), narrowing down and helping Potoclipers to refine their musical searches.


Following users and boards fills the Following Feed with content. Potoclipers can follow and unfollow Potoclipers (users) as well as boards (collections).


Potoclipers can discover and develop their musical interest with many possible ways.

· Home Feed

The Home Feed is an activity feed that displays the latest pins published by all Potoclipers.

· Following Feed

The Following Feed displays the chronological activity from the Potoclips.com boards and other users that a specific Potocliper follows.

· News Feed

The News Feed displays a set of slides highlighting the latest pins (Best of, Theme, Concert, Jukebox, etc…), published or updated by Potoclips.com curators, or the favorite pins and playlists that the Potoclips.com team likes and recommends.

· Jukebox Roulette

Potoclips.com uses a feature called Jukebox Roulette, which randomly selects for each Potocliper, a set of pins and playlists amongst the best ones.


Musical contents can be available in several formats provided by different musical platforms.

Musical contents are always available most of the time in the following formats:

· YouTube

Video playlists or videos

Musical contents can also be available in the following formats, ordered by occurence:

· Spotify

Musical playlists

· Deezer

Musical playlists

· Soundcloud

Musical playlists

· Vimeo

Video playlists or videos

· Dailymotion

Video playlists or videos

Liking, sharing and voting

Potoclipers can show their musical interest with several possible ways.

· Liking pins

Potoclipers can mainly show their interest for a pin content by clicking on the “Like” button of a pin.

· Voting for pins content

Potoclipers can additionally show their interest for a pin content by voting for a pin (from one star (low interest) to five stars (high interest).

· Sharing pins, boards and users

Potoclipers can share boards, pins and users on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, and Pinterest, or can embed a pin on an other website page too.

Managing pins and boards

· Adding, editing a pin

Potoclipers can add pins via the “Add a pin” button (+) at the top right of the page or in the menu bar.

Potoclipers can create or edit a pin at any moment. A pin is described with a title, a link, and a board. Potoclipers can optionally define a description and one or several tags.

Musical content can either be fetched from the web or uploaded from a device.

Content found on the web can be fetch from Potoclips.com or directly from the website where it is located via the “Potoclips.com” button.

Musical contents can be mainly fetched from YouTube, Vimeo, Deezer, Soundcloud. They can also be embedded in the “Description” field of a pin from Spotify and Dailymotion.

· Potoclips.com button

The “Potoclips.com” button is available on the “Add a pin” window and can be dragged and dropped to the bookmark bar on a web browser, or be implemented by a webmaster directly on a website, which allow Potoclips.com users to pin them directly, quickly and easily.

· Repinning a pin

Potoclipers who like a pin previously saved on one Potocliper’s board, can “repin” (save) it, via the repin button, onto one of their boards.

· Adding, editing a board

Potoclipers can add boards via the “Add a board” button (+) at the top right of the page or in the menu bar.

Potoclipers can create or edit a board at any moment. A board is described with a title and a category.