Talk Talk | The Colour of Spring – 1986

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The Colour of Spring - 1986


01 ▸ Talk Talk - Happiness Is Easy •
02 ▸ Talk Talk - I Don't Believe in You •
03 ▸ Talk Talk - Life's What You Make It •
04 ▸ Talk Talk - April 5th •
05 ▸ Talk Talk - Living in Another World •
06 ▸ Talk Talk - Give It Up •
07 ▸ Talk Talk - Chameleon Day •
08 ▸ Talk Talk - Time It's Time •


Talk Talk

(Mark Hollis, Lee Harris, Paul Webb, Simon Brenner, Tim Friese-Greene) [1981-1991], London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Talk Talk were an English musical group founded in 1981. Talk Talk was part of the British new wave movement. They had a string of early hit singles including "Talk Talk", "It's My Life", or "Such a Shame".
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The Colour of Spring is the third studio album by Talk Talk, released in March, 1986. Musically, The Colour of Spring was a major step away from the synthesised pop of early Talk Talk, with a greater focus on guitars, pianos, and organs on such songs as "Life's What You Make It", "Living in Another World" and "Give It Up". It had a sound described by the band as much more organic than their earlier records, with the improvisation that was to dominate on their later works already apparent in the recording process. The album cover was designed by James Marsh, who also designed the band's other album covers. The Colour of Spring became the band's highest selling non-compilation studio album, reaching the Top 20 in numerous countries (topping the Dutch charts), including the UK, where it reached No. 8 and stayed in the UK charts for 21 weeks. With its international hit "Life's What You Make It"Talk Talk expanded their fan base, and it earned the band the third of their three American hits, along with 1984's "It's My Life" and "Such a Shame".

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