Temples | Concert @ Festival Musiques en Stock ’16

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01 – Temples – Colours to Life [Live] – 2016
02 – Temples – A Question Isn’t Answered [Live] – 2016
03 – Temples – Roman God Like Man [Live] – 2016
04 – Temples – Sun Structures [Live] – 2016
05 – Temples – The Golden Throne [Live] – 2016
06 – Temples – Mirror [Live] – 2016
07 – Temples – Ankh [Live] – 2016
08 – Temples – Certainty [Live] – 2016
09 – Temples – Keep in the Dark [Live] – 2016
10 – Temples – Shelter Song [Live] – 2016
11 – Temples – Mesmerise [Live] – 2016


Temples | #temples
(James Edward Bagshaw, Thomas Edison Warmsley, Sam Toms, Adam Smith)
[2012-…], Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom


Temples are an English rock band formed in Kettering in 2012.

They have released two studio albums, two EPs and a number of singles.

Their debut album, Sun Structures, was released in 2014 and charted at number seven in the UK. They are signed to Heavenly Records and have toured internationally both as support act and as headliner.

In 2017 they released their second studio album, Volcano, in March.

This concert was recorded during the Musiques en Stock Festival, in Cluses, France, on the 30th June 2016.

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Once every decade, the end of rock is nigh. We are told that it is a style of music belonging to another age, and that no new groups will be able to recreate the passion of the past. And yet, once every decade, it rises from its own ashes, phoenix-like. In the psychedelic vein, Temples is one of the most beautiful examples of this. Inspired by the rock music of the sixties and seventies, the four Englishmen have resuscitated sublime guitar loops, soaring vocals high in reverb and a mastery of synths in a finely perfected vintage ambiance. In the purest tradition of Pink Floyd from the Syd Barrett period, a sumptuous invitation to a psychedelic trip both heady and timeless.
[Paléo 2017]

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Cited as the world’s best psych-rock band by Noel Gallagher (Oasis), Temples caught attention with four self-produced tracks uploaded to Youtube in 2012. Sun Structures, their first album, was recorded in a makeshift studio and released in early 2014. The first single from the album is the scintillating « Shelter Song ». Cascades of glassy guitar riffs and psychedelic synth loops are perfectly arranged in these painstakingly finessed compositions. Each Temples’ song is irresistibly enchanting.
[Montreux 2014]

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