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Téléphone | #téléphone
(Jean-Louis Aubert, Louis Bertignac, Corinne Marienneau, Richard Kolinka)
[1976-…], Saint-Cloud, Île-de-France, France


“The-Best-French-Group-Ever” is the epithet most commonly bandied in French circles when the group Téléphone is mentioned. In the mid-seventies, the French pop scene was half asleep, unlike Britain, buffeted by the Punk storm that had hit it. These four musicians caused an earth tremor which was to mark an entire generation of young French people indelibly.

Téléphone split in 1986 for personal reasons. Jean-Louis Aubert and Louis Bertignac went on a solo career after the split of the band.

Quick review of 50 years of a great page of the french rock!

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Telephone - Rockpalast '83Telephone - Zoom 77-85Téléphone Tribute 2015Jean-Louis Aubert - Zoom 86-14Louis Bertignac - Zoom 87-14

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