Mansfield. TYA | Zoom 09-16

A selection of the best tracks
Mansfield. TYA | #mansfieldtya |
(Julia Lanoë, Carla Pallone)
[2002-…], Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France |

If you are sensitive, passionate, melancholic or a dreamer, the electro pop sound of the two French women of Mansfield. TYA is tailor-made for you. And if, you like statues as much as the violin, you are under the spell of the French language, Baroque music or techno, you enjoy intense concerts that don’t simply reproduce the studio sound note for note, you are a fan of the pendulum and divination, the Middle Ages and forests, you appreciate the repetition of different melodic, harmonic or rhythmic motifs, you like it when musicians take risks and surprise you, then this group will definitely be your pick of the Festival.
[Paléo 2016]

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