Mac DeMarco | Zoom 12-15

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Mac DeMarco | #macdemarco |
(Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV)
[1990-…], Duncan, BC, Canada |

McBriare Samuel Lanyon “Mac” DeMarco is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Mac DeMarco is best known for his solo career, during which he has released four studio albums, Rock and Roll Night Club (2012), 2 (2012), Salad Days (2014), and Another One (2015).

Mac DeMarco’s style of music has been creatively described as “blue wave”, “slacker rock”, or self-described by DeMarco as the non-sequitur “jizz jazz”. DeMarco’s style of music is easily recognizable via its use of low bass, punchy drums and a generally hazy atmosphere a la soft rock records, along with a Lennon-esque vocal style which has also been compared to Damon Albarn of Blur. He has also mentioned Shuggie Otis, Steely Dan, Weezer, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Jonathan Richman and The Grateful Dead as favorite artists. His guitar-based compositions have moved from glam-inspired works to what reviewers describe as “off-kilter pop”.

Jaunty guitars with a gap between their front teeth.
Multi-instrumentalist and music genius, influenced by the nineties and RnB as well as John Lennon and Yellow Magic Orchestra, Mac DeMarco has become a major icon of the indie rock scene. With his mischievous pretty little face and an infectious good mood he plays a sunny, dreamy pop, sometimes tainted with soul. He’s the definition of cool.
[Eurockéennes 2016]

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