Divas & Co. | A 24-Carat Collection

Divas & Co.


Divas & Co. | A 24-Carat Collection


A 24-carat collection: 24 Playlists for 24 Divas

A selection of the best playlists of “Divas” of all times


A collection of pins and playlists about a genre, an artist, a band or a director


Grace Jones - Best of 75-11Shirley Bassey - Best of 56-07Amy Winehouse - Best of 03-12Lana Del Rey - Best of 11-19Lizzo - Best of 13-19Tina Turner - Best of 75-06Amy Winehouse - Concert Black to Back Tour- Live @ Eurockennes de Belfort Festival 2007Amy Winehouse - Concert Back to Black Tour- The Day She Came to Dingle 2006Lana Del Rey - Concert Live at iTunes Festival 2012Chaka Khan - Best of 73-78Kylie Minogue - Best of 87-18Isabelle AdjaniBrigitte Bardot - 2016-11Kate Bush - Zoom 78-16Adele - Best of 06-16Arielle Dombasle - Zoom 89-16Zazie | Best of 92-15Brigitte Fontaine - Zoom 92-11Beth Ditto - Best of 09-17Annie Lennox - Zoom 88-14Gossip - Best of - 05-13Cyndi Lauper - Zoom 83-08Donna Summer

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